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Beansfotos, New Orleans native who’s been doing fotography since late 2010. He is constantly trying to push the envelope on ALL things “SEXI”. He also prides himself in having a very strong graphic/artistic background. “I was an artist (drawing and graphic designs) since Windows was in version 3.1 and Photoshop was in version 1.0.” Infusing sexy and artistic is his goal in every shoot. “I hope they enjoy seeing the art and craft as much as they like seeing the ladies in my work. I absolutely love doing it.”

FRAME: What would you say the fav part of your job (as a photographer) is?
BEANS:I would have to say that getting the responses back from the models/clients getting the finished final edit back. They can never imagine or envision what I see while shooting or even while reviewing the photos, but I usually have a very clear visual in my mind how the final photo will look and they are usually blown away. That is by far the best part of the process.

FRAME: What kind of equipment are you using? Camera, lenses, strobes.
BEANS: I’m definitely a #teamNIKON guy. The star of my team is my Nikon d3s! It’s my 3rd camera since I’ve started and I would never trade it. For most shoots, I use 3 lenses; the one that’s usually always attached to my camera is my 85m Sigma! I love that thing and usually never take it off unless I have to because of space. The next lens I use the most is my Nikkor 24-70m. If the 85m can’t get the shot, that lens always can! My last lens, which was also the first one I had is my Sigma 50m. Great lens but the other two just fit my needs better. As for lighting equipment, I have tons of lights, stands, hot flashes, etc, but since I’m a primary natural light shooter I try to only use that stuff if I have to.

FRAME: Photographers #1 complaints are “flaking models” how do you deal with this issue?
BEANS: I have a deposit that is required by ANYONE and EVERYONE I shoot. Even if it’s one of my “originals” that have been with me since day one and the shoot is not going to cost them anything, or it’s a project they are doing for me… In situations of trade shoots or project (free) shoots, the deposit is something usually very minimal like $20 bucks, and they are guaranteed to get that back in an envelope as soon as they show up on shoot day. After you explain to most ladies how the industry is just flooded with ladies who flake and don’t take appointments serious, any decent person will understand and also see that you’re not trying to swindle or snake them out of money. You just want insurance they will be there. For paid shoots, the deposit is half the cost of the shoot, and not many people would throw away that much money, so I don’t have very many cancellations or flakes that don’t show up at all!

FRAME: Craziest photo shoot moment!
BEANS: LMAO, there is a whole in the wall at my studio! Let’s just say a taller lady, who was also wearing heels, had some balance issues doing one of the poses that I wanted her to do. She had also brought with her some homemade concoction that probably made it even hard to do the pose. 30 seconds later, there was a hole in the wall, model on the ground and the loudest laughter I had heard in a long time that lasted about 5 mins.

FRAME: What would you say is your #1 photography pet pev (dislike)?
BEANS: People who EXPECT things for free! That is the ONE thing that will make me not work with or distance myself from someone.

FRAME: To you, what are the top 3 must-haves when creating a great shot!
BEANS:: One is always, GREAT HAIR and MAKEUP, which is why I provide this for all of my shoots. I don’t like taking chances with “oh my friend will do my hair and makeup” or “I can just do my own”; NOT! The second would have to be complete full outfit/clothing. I see gorgeous girls all the time in photos with an outfit that look thrown together and that will just lose it for me. The last but not least most important thing for me when capturing a great shot is pose (body/face/eyes). I coach girls through each pose to make sure we get what I’m looking for with the body shape, the facial expression and eye contact.

FRAME: Are there any photographers you follow?
BEANS: Yes, I actually am a huge fan of my style/genre of photography. I follow a lot of photographers. As for photographers that I feel like have had major influences on my style of lighting, posing, editing, etc… it would have to be two, Peter Nguyen and Sue Bryce. Their work is very inspiring to me.

FRAME: What advice would you give new models about the industry?
BEANS: I would say to them, don’t expect handouts, don’t expect photographers, friends or anyone to do things for you, UNLESS you are paying them and last but not least always work on moving forward and doing bigger and better. Don’t ever go backwards.

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twitter: @beansfotos
instagram: @beans_fotos